IEDA Relief Launches Livelihoods Program in Diffa, Niger


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Armed conflict between insurgents and the Nigerian army has caused massive population displacement, especially in Diffa, Niger. IEDA Relief ceremoniously launched the Livelihoods for Autonomy project, supported by the UNHCR, to enable refugees and returnees to rebuild their livelihoods and provide support to host families who have shared their meager resources with incoming refugees and returnees. Attended by local government officials, the ceremony marked the advent of Livelihoods for Autonomy, which will benefit 700 households through income generating activities.

Humanitarian Partners Seek Long-Term Solutions For Refugees


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Although food rations were distributed in August to Malian refugees in Burkina Faso, declining food aid and refugees’ expressed interest in economic autonomy has led IEDA Relief and the UNHCR to adopt a new strategy. Future programs will concentrate on livelihoods and income-generating activities to provide financial stability for the refugee population and the local market. Luxembourg Ambassador Martine Schommer vocalized similar prioritization during her visit to Goudebo camp. IEDA Relief will continue to use its expertise to contribute to such programs from 2014 onwards.

World Humanitarian Day in Mali Shines Spotlight on IEDA Relief


World Humanitarian Day - Mali

World Humanitarian Day is an event of great importance for all actors in the humanitarian world. More than 100 countries and countless agencies and organizations are involved in organizing meetings to celebrate this day, and 2014 was the second consecutive year for Mali. A great deal of preparation went into organizing an event that included various humanitarian organizations and their partners. IEDA Relief did not remain on the sidelines; the organization took part in all the preparatory phases of the event and reserved a booth to provide information throughout the day.


May 2014 – News Report



IEDA Relief helps the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees by providing information on the conflict in Mali.


Improved Hygiene in Displacement Camps


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“I will use one soap to wash my children and the other soap to clean the tissue pads during my menstrual period,” 22-year old Dorothe, mother of five, explained happily while looking at her hygienic kit that she had just received. IEDA Relief distributes…


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