Rebuilding Essential Water Source for Sustainable Use

Berberati, Central African Republic

Burkina Faso Mission

Shoe Distribution in a Refugee Camp

Cameroon: Ossoko IEDA Relief

Supporting the Bororo Shepherd Community

Learn English as a Second Language (ESL) at IEDA Relief

Classes for multiple levels offered daily at Houston Headquarters

IEDA Relief Philippines Update on Partnership with DSWD

IEDA Relief Philippines Country Team


Raising Awareness of the Ebola Virus in Mali

The workshop taking place on the 7th of March 2015 on the Ebola Virus, along with Dr Réné DIARRA. (2)


Awareness talks were conducted with the objective of consolidating the lessons learned on the prevention of and the current fight against the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in order to deliver psycho-social support for children directly and indirectly affected by the disease. These awareness talks were held in the towns of number II and VI, where cases of Ebola have been detected in Mali. IEDA Relief was able to raise awareness among 2,282 children, including 973 boys and 1,209 girls. After the awareness talks, IEDA Relief identified the need of hand washing kits in the schools of the Quinzambougou town.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Soccer game between the partners and the refugees


March 8th marked a day of celebration for women around the world: International Women’s Day, also known as Journée Internationale de la Femme (JIF), gives women the opportunity to reflect on their role in society. IEDA Relief led community service activities throughout sites in Niger and Cameroon as well as its other international operations. Celebrations of International Women’s Day were organized with the support of the UNHCR and in collaboration with other partners present in the field. In Cameroon, the sites of Gadobadzeré (with more than 23,000 refugees) and in Borgop celebrated on March 5th, 2015 whereas in Ngam, the celebrations took place the following day. Festivities in Niger were held on March 8th, 2015.

IEDA Relief Helps Refugees Determine When to Return

Burkina Faso UNHCR Awareness Talks


During the week of the 26th of January 2015, representatives of the UNHCR, IEDA Relief, and the CONAREF visited the refugee camps of Dori and Djibo, as well as the area outside of the camps of Gorom-Gorom to discuss the tripartite agreement with the refugee camp inhabitants. The tripartite agreement was signed between the Government of Mali, the Government of Burkina Faso, and the UNHCR for the voluntary return of the refugees. The reason for the awareness discussions was to clarify that the agreement’s purpose was to facilitate the return of refugees in these camps to Mali, and not to force the refugees to leave as was believed by some.


UNHCR Highlights Partnership with IEDA Relief in Cameroon


Timangolo Site Cameroon

In this publication, UNHCR explains the humanitarian context of refugees living in Cameroon. While informing the reader of various achievements across many sectors of assistance, UNHCR highlights IEDA Relief’s work in creating a child protection committee, monitoring and providing psychosocial support to children at risk in a refugee camp, sensitizing communities on child protection issues and peaceful cohabitation, and actively participating in inter-agency coordination meetings.


IEDA Relief Launches Livelihoods Program in Diffa, Niger


Diffa 1

Armed conflict between insurgents and the Nigerian army has caused massive population displacement, especially in Diffa, Niger. IEDA Relief ceremoniously launched the Livelihoods for Autonomy project, supported by the UNHCR, to enable refugees and returnees to rebuild their livelihoods and provide support to host families who have shared their meager resources with incoming refugees and returnees. Attended by local government officials, the ceremony marked the advent of Livelihoods for Autonomy, which will benefit 700 households through income generating activities.

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