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IEDA Relief Celebrates World Refugee Day

Created by the UN General Assembly and celebrated since June 20, 2001 as the main commemorative day for refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons, World Refugee Day was a solemn celebration in the site of Mbile where Central African Refugees have relocated in hope for a better life.

World Refugee Day in Mbile, Cameroon

The message regarding the special and urgent situation of the 43.7 million refugees was relayed throughout many countries on June 20, 2015. The Eastern Region, particularly the Batouri axis and the public school in Mbile celebrated World Refugee Day with great emotion and enthusiasm.

Several speeches were made throughout the day by authority figures, humanitarian agencies, and refugees as well as several interludes, namely:

  • Distribution of prizes
  • Exhibitions of Artistic Works Created by Refugees
  • Returns of officials and delegations

World Refugee Day was celebrated on June 20, 2015 by IEDA Relief throughout several of the countries we operate in, among these countries were Burkina Faso, the United States, Cameroon, Mali, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Central African Republic.

In Burkina Faso, the main theme of the day was “Refugees are ordinary people living in extraordinary situations” and the same theme has varied throughout different countries. The event aimed to raise awareness of protection issues and promote peaceful coexistence while reminding the international community of the work that remains to be done for the vulnerable populations that have fled conflict.


In the Extreme North of Cameroon


As part of the World Refugee Day, the IEDA Relief team from northern Cameroon, Touboro, has organized elections for the creation of committees of Central African refugees in the village of Mbai-Mboum, home to more than two thousand refugees. The elections were intended to educate refugees and host populations on the rights and duties of refugees. The right to freedom of association has been highlighted. The village of Mbai-Mboum was divided into two electoral districts (sections), Mbai-Mboum 1 and Mbai-Mboum 2. Almost 540 voters registered for the elections and 413 voted, representing a turnout of 76%. After being elected head of Mbai-Mboum 1 by a unanimous vote, Mr. Abdoul Karimou Saidou was also elected Chairman of the central office of the Mbai-Mboum refugee committee during the indirect elections involving only members of the newly elected offices.

For more information, download the reports in French/English.

IEDA Relief Celebrates World Refugee Day

IEDA Relief fête la Journée Mondiale des Réfugiés en Afrique

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