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IEDA RELIEF Provides Shelter For Refugees Fleeing Boko Haram

At the beginning of 2015, IEDA Relief and Shelter Box partnered to provide joint humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable populations at the Minawao Camp in the Far North region of Cameroon, who had to flee Nigeria due to Boko Haram attacks. ShelterBox shipped 224 kits to Cameroon and trained the IEDA Relief staff to install the tents in the camp. As of September 2015, 1,065 people have benefitted form these tents, a total of 438 men and 627 women.

SB2As part of the global efforts to provide assistance for Nigerian refugees fleeing Boko Haram, IEDA Relief partnered with ShelterBox in order to provide much-needed shelter for these vulnerable refugees. Since June 4th, 2014, the two organizations have worked together to distribute 224 ShelterBox tents as well as shelter kits (solar lamps, jerry cans and blankets) as part of their emergency response plan in the Minawao camp. A second phase of distribution will be starting in September.

  • SB3Usually, when refugees arrive spontaneously, they are all put together in community shelters as a temporary measure, without regard for gender or age. These community shelters do not offer any privacy and often lead to protection problems for young women who are more exposed to risk. Thanks to ShelterBox and IEDA Relief, Gudusu and his family were offered a ShelterBox tent and now have a roof over their heads.

“IEDA Relief and ShelterBox have done a great job in the camp. I thank them and ask God to bless them as well as other organisations that also contribute to our well-being.”
Usman, refugee at the Minawao Camp

To read more about IEDA Relief and Shelter Box’s efforts to provide shelter in Cameroon you can download the document here.

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