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Background & Program Information

Active Since: 2014

IEDA Relief arrived in Cameroon in July 2014 in response to multiple humanitarian challenges as displaced populations from Central African Republic, Nigeria, and within Cameroon flooded into various regions of the country. Since 2014, IEDA Relief has supported over 70,000 Nigerian refugees, 233,000 Central African refugees, and 82,000 Cameroonian internally displaced persons (IDPs) spread throughout camps, refugee sites and host communities. In addition, our programs serve vulnerable non-displaced Cameroonians affected by the unfolding crises. IEDA Relief’s national coordination office is located in Yaounde, with field offices in the East, Adamaoua, and Extreme North regions.

Camp Management

Working with the UNHCR, IEDA Relief coordinates all humanitarian actors serving over 43,000 Nigerian refugees in the constantly expanding Minawao camp. Our role includes organizing coordination meetings to promote information-sharing and address gaps; monitoring the services provided in the camp; facilitating the relocation of refugees near the Cameroonian border into the camp, and organizing meals during the journey.

Providing Shelter

IEDA Relief helps to monitor shelter availability, and has provided safe temporary and semi-permanent homes for over 5,000 households. In 2016, projects include the distribution of family tents and household kits for 800 Nigerian households in the Far North region through a partnership with ShelterBox.

During the third phase of IEDA Relief’s partnership with Shelterbox  we will have installed a total of 4,000 solar lampposts as cost-effective, reliable light sources to improve local security as well as providing 1,600 sleeping bags and 1,600 blankets.

In partnership with the UNHCR, IEDA Relief offers a variety of support programs focused on protection and community mobilization. At the Minawao camp, in refugee settlement sites, and in host communities, we promote peaceful coexistence and community mobilization through the creation of committees and recruitment of community liaisons (relais communautaires) that implement awareness campaigns; the establishment of consultation centers (centres d’ecoute) and child-friendly spaces; organizing recreational activities; and providing support to over 20,000 individuals with specific needs (e.g. unaccompanied children, pregnant women, the disabled, the elderly), referring cases to the appropriate authorities and international humanitarian actors if necessary. In total, IEDA Relief’s community services reach over 250,000 vulnerable individuals from CAR, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

Nutrition Monitoring

IEDA Relief works closely with the WFP to implement a targeted supplementary nutritional feeding program to monitor and manage moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) for pregnant/breastfeeding women and children 0-59 months. The program has served a total of 10,160 Nigerian refugees (2,389 pregnant and lactating women, 7771 children) by detecting at-risk cases and monitoring their treatment in 64 outpatient feeding centers. We also conducted campaigns to raise awareness about proper nutrition within the refugee community in the Far North region of Cameroon.

Food Distribution

Working with the WFP, we distibuated food to 50,000 Cameroonian IDPs and vulnerable members of their host communities, to support refugees affected by the Nigerian crisis in the departments of Logone and Chari, Mayo Sava and Mayo Tsanaga.

For more information on our programs in Cameroon, check out the French Version of our 2014 Annual Report 

Contact Information

Chritiane Gbago
Head of Mission
Yaounde, Cameroon Quartier Tsinga Avenue Jean Paul II
En face de Socropole
Tel: +237 79 72 22 16

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Our Partners in Cameroon

IEDA Relief works in coordination with a number of humanitarian, government and UN partners to support refugees, IDPs and the local Cameroonian population, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the World Food Program (WFP), and Cameroonian authorities.


Country Highlights


“Since IEDA Relief provided us with a Shelter Box near the health post, I don’t have to walk long distances to attend my treatment.”–  read more about IEDA Relief’s support in Cameroon here.