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Background & Program Information

Active Since: 2014

IEDA Relief entered Central African Republic (CAR) in June of 2014 to respond to the escalating violence and political unrest that caused nearly one million Central Africans to flee their homes. From our main office in Bangui and sub-offices in Berberati, Bouar, and Paoua, IEDA Relief works closely with UN and other partners to implement projects geared towards both IDPs and other vulnerable members of the Central African population.


IEDA Relief helps the UNHCR and other humanitarian actors to track population movements at border points, in order to monitor and address the needs of IDPs and refugees in the region. Since 2014, IEDA Relief has overseen the crossing of over 400,000 refugees and returnees at 17 border points. In addition, IEDA Relief provides regular training sessions regarding UN protection standards to the local legal authorities in order to prevent refugees from being denied access at border crossings.

Nutrition Monitoring & Food Distribution

In 2014, IEDA Relief worked with the WFP to conduct Emergency Food Security Assessments (EFSA) in Paoua and Berberati to identify risks and incidence of malnutrition and extreme food insecurity. Since then, IEDA Relief has continued to work with the WFP to combat moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) for over 17,000 vulnerable individuals in Berberati and Paoua. IEDA Relief manages WFP food distributions at all three country sub-offices to reach a total of 63,792 Central African IDPs, returnees and vulnerable members of the host population. We also manage a WFP warehouse in Berberati to facilitate the delivery, storage and distribution of food from Cameroon, with over 321 tons of food delivered and over 105 tons distributed so in 2015 alone.

School Feeding

To retain high retention and low dropout rates in schools, IEDA Relief offers a school feeding program benefiting 17,612 students in 14 schools in Paoua, managing a school garden and providing daily meals as well as kitchen utensils. The program has kept the dropout rate below 2%.

IEDA Relief regularly conducts water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) assessments in vulnerable areas to identify priority interventions. Some of the key resulting programs of such assessments include rebuilding the Malet water source in the region of Berberati for 17,000 local residents and training the local community on how to maintain it; and constructing and repairing WASH infrastructure for 12,000 beneficiaries in Berberati and Bouar, including the sanitation facilitates at the health center in Abba (Bouar).

In partnership with MINUSCA, IEDA Relief implements Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) to promote peaceful coexistence, restoration of state authority, and the rehabilitation of state buildings in Bambari and Bouar. In mid-2015, IEDA Relief and the WFP also started a food for work program that focuses on repairing damaged infrastructure, which will not only provide essential food sources for laborers but also enable access to vulnerable populations in hard-to-reach areas.

For more information on our programs in the Central African Republic, check out the French Version of our 2014 Annual Report

Contact Information

Salya Sly
Acting Head of Mission for CAR
IEDA RELIEF Central African Republic
Quartier Lakouanga Fleuve, 2ème Arrondissement, Ville de Bangui.
BP 926 Bangui, CAR
Tel : (+236) 75230419

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Our Partners in CAR

IEDA Relief works in coordination with a number of humanitarian, government and UN partners to support IDPs and other vulnerable populations in CAR, including the World Food Program (WFP), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA)


Country Highlights


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