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As part of the constant efforts to provide relief and assistance to vulnerable people, IEDA Relief’s Camp Management team provided a diabetic girl with a Shelter Box near one of the health posts in the camp of Minawao. This allowed the child to be constantly monitored by the medical team and prevented her from having to walk over two kilometers twice a day in order to properly follow her treatment regimen.


IEDA Relief’s dedication to meeting the needs of refugees and internally displaced persons without shelter led to the joint project with the INGO Shelter Box. Together beneficiaries received a kit containing a tent as temporary shelter as well as different non-food items (NFI) that vary according to their needs. The first installation phase of Shelter Boxes allowed us to relocate 224 households of PSN (People with Specific Needs) in the Minawao camp, for a total of 1065 people. The completion of the second phase resulted in the distribution of 1000 additional tents benefitting 1216 households and a total of 4103 people. During the second phase, the project focused particularly on vulnerable beneficiaries and those that had lived in the community shelters for more than six months.

Through this initiative IEDA Relief followed-up with Hadja, a young Nigerian refugee living with diabetes and dependent on insulin. Initially relocated to the extension of the camp of Minawao, Hadja had to walk almost two kilometers twice a day in order to get to the health center in the camp, which according to doctors could compromise her treatment. Because of this, Hadja used to miss her appointments when she was not feeling able to walk such a risky path.

Hadja’s case attracted the attention of all the partners in charge of protection in the camp of Minawao. IEDA Relief decided to install a tent for her and her family near the health post where she regularly receives her insulin treatments. This was easier said than done, as most of the space around the health post was already occupied.

To make accomodations, IEDA Relief’s Camp Management team exchanged with the Site Planner of the Minawao camp, and was able to make a space available to install the Shelter Box tent near the health post.

Hadja is now comfortable and can follow her treatment adequately thanks to IEDA Relief and its partnership with Shelter Box. In total, more than 1224 families have found comfort in the shelter of the camp thanks to this project.

The full report can be downloaded in both English and in French