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Preserving Dignity

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IEDA Relief and United2Heal, a George Mason University student organization, targeted women of child bearing age as their primary beneficiaries. Female hygiene kits, or “dignity kits”, were identified as crucial items to provide female refugees, returnees, and displaced women in need. The Preserving Dignity campaign, raised enough funds to supply 566 dignity kits to women  in the Kablewa Camp in August 2015.


Since 2013, Boko Haram attacks have forced over 150,000 Nigerian refugees and Nigerien returnees to flee their homes, bringing only what they could carry. Many of these displaced persons have settled in the Diffa region of Niger. In early 2015, those that had fled earlier assaults in Nigeria were forced to relive their nightmares when camps in Diffa and Bosso were attacked as Boko Haram infiltrated the area. As a result, vulnerable families have had to relocate in search of safety – some for the second time. Many are living without basic necessities such as soap and women’s sanitary products.

Each kit is intended to last for 3 months and includes:

  • 1 bucket (2 L)
  • 3 undergarments
  • 1 reusable sanitary cloth
  • 6 bars of soap

Before handing out the kits to their recipients, the IEDA Relief team trained beneficiaries on effective hygiene practices and how to use the items in the kit. A local news agency covered the event, as recipients expressed their gratitude for their new dignity kits.

“I am very pleased with this assistance you have given to us. This is a great wealth for me. We lost everything with the conflict. Other NGOs give us food, and IEDA Relief gave us these dignity kits that will serve to help us maintain ourselves, to reduce the risk of infections and spending on sanitary items. Thank you – thank you very much, IEDA Relief.” 

– Dignity Kit recipient, Kablewa Camp

This report can be downloaded in French.

Thank you to all those that contributed to the Preserving Dignity campaign.  To learn more about how you can help support IEDA Relief, visit our Partnership page.