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Rebuilding an Essential Water Source for Sustainable Use

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During the month of January 2015, while working in the city of Berberati, in Central African Republic (CAR), IEDA Relief staff were informed of a horrific accident that was said to take place at the vital water source of Malet. The Malet water source alone provides for over 17,000 people in an area stricken with severe water issues. Using its own funds and resources IEDA Relief rebuilt the essential Malet water source, then trained locals to maintain and sustain it indefinitely.


After learning of such a horrific event, IEDA Relief took action to avoid another possible incident from occurring and to relieve the local population from challenges that arise from the lack of sucha basic need. The water source of Malet, in the neighborhood of Sangbanda II and in the 7th district of Berberati in CAR, provides water to 17,300 inhabitants living in 13 neighborhoods.
“After conducting a WASH evaluation, we concluded that Berberati was behind in terms of providing water to its inhabitants. Water was a vital issue that IEDA Relief and its partners needed to address.
We were bound to solve the problem and provide the local population with drinking water”, says one of the officers in charge of the project.
“We ourselves were very shocked. As a humanitarian organization we realized that restoring a water well in that specific area would have a huge impact,” continues Flory.
“This is why IEDA Relief invested its own funds into re-building a water source, bringing the materials to the area and training a
committee in order to maintain it. We worked along
side the community in order to raise awareness and make the project sustainable”.
Today, the water source of Malet provides water to the 7th district of Berberati, and represents the memory of a tragic event of two innocent children, who were only trying to fulfill a basic need: the right to have access to clean drinking water.
The full report can be downloaded in both English and in French