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In 2014, IEDA Relief opened a new US office in Arlington, Virginia to increase its presence in the nation’s capital. This office works closely with the headquarters to oversee IEDA Relief’s international and domestic programs, manage advocacy initiatives, and maintain relationships with US government agencies and humanitarian partners in the Washington, DC region.

Become an IEDA Relief Ambassador!

If you would like to start an on-campus club to help support IEDA Relief or if you do not live near an IEDA Relief office but would still like to be involved, please contact achristine@iedarelief.org for how to be an IEDA Relief Ambassador.

Contact Information 

Christine Angelanie
Director of Operations
IEDA Relief Arlington Office
901 South Highland Street, Suite 319
Arlington, VA 22204
Tel: 713-775-2522

Support Our U.S. Programs 

Are you interested in helping IEDA Relief maintain and expand its projects in the DC Metro area? Use the donate button to give directly or contact the Arlington team for more information.

Our Partners in Arlington

IEDA Relief’s Headquarter maintains partnerships with hundreds of local, national and international organizations. Below is a selection of organizations and institutions that play a significant role in our Arlington office: