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We have invested significant time, funds, and resource into our program footprint. We recognize that same goes for partnerships.

Our time is now.

We want to be a part of your “Go To” team to make delivery happen. Let us start with a pilot, or let us share with you – we can provide office space, entry into a community, solution design, supply chain access, staff, and other resources. Though we are a well-established local partner for the United Nations and their international relief agencies, do not yet have the name recognition with USAID and other major assistance efforts. We want to learn
from you.

We expect that you want to see us as a partner that knows how to keep costs down, to see your dollar go far. We make it a priority to ensure you get what you expect from IEDA Relief – assurance of quality, timely, cost-efficient delivery that makes sense for a community to thrive.

With our ability to go where others cannot go, our local networks, and our service delivery, we can complement your existing programs and your business pursuits to be a team member that is your “Go To.”

Community networking and engagement
Capacity building and training
Supply chains
Women & youth
Skills and VOTEC
Food security and livelihoods

Health services 


United Nations
Government of Philippines
U.S. State Department
Major INGOs