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We actually know communities – we do not just say it, we practice it. We are working intimately with communities from Day One. For us, it does not make sense to work in communities without understanding them – their people, social structures, cultural practices, and interactions. When the situation calls, we work quickly so that we do not lose time further down the road when problems arise.

And we learn from them. We learn what they need, what drives them, what influences them, and what works for them to make things better.

We build trust. Fundamental in any community anywhere in the world – we value humans and what each person brings to their community.

We help build meaningful community ownership to ensure our projects are responsive and generate a positive impact that lasts. This requires a quality approach and quality delivery to ensure that the community trust that has been built is able to sustain and communities feel their needs are being addressed for the long term.

We incorporate sustainability at the start – this is fundamental to the way we do business. The way we engage, design, and implement an intervention is framed with sustainability in mind.