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IEDA Relief is an emerging organization committed to taking the most effective, flexible, and innovative approaches to humanitarian and development work. We believe working together can help us to achieve better results, and we welcome ‘win-win-win’ ideas that positively impact you or your organization, increase IEDA Relief’s organizational capacity and, most importantly, help to achieve optimal results for people in need. There are plenty of opportunities for collaboration between IEDA Relief and individuals, corporations, government bodies, academic institutions and other organizations.

Global reach and advocacy through a wide network of government, NGO, and private sector partners in the US and in the regions where we work.

Situational awareness to provide real-time information and in-depth analysis from countries where we operate 
Capable and experienced staff that can design and implement projects efficiently even in the most difficult environments 
Opportunities for strategic collaboration including board member positions and employment, secondment, internship and research prospects in the US and abroad
For more information on potential collaboration and partnerships, contact us.