IEDA Relief presence in CAR from  October of 2014 to Feb 2017

From October 2014 to February 2017, activities implemented with WFP in CAR focused on:

  1. General food distribution: School canteens with integration of school gardens
  2. Support for the management of malnutrition
  3. Warehouse management: IEDA receives food from Bangui and Douala to be distributed by all WFP partners.


These activities were implemented in the Prefectures of the Western Zone of CAR: Ouham, Ouham-Pendé, Nana-Mambéré, Mambéré-Kadei and Sanga-Mbaéré. These prefectures are from Paoua Nord and in Markounda.

Since March 2017 to date, the activities underway are:

  • School canteen
  • At least 60,000 students in 160 schools, receive daily rations (including 30,000 in Paoua, 8,000 to Markounda, 4,000 in Boguila, 9,000 in Bocaranga, 6,000 in Ngaoundaye and 3,000 in Koui).
  • At least 532,786 tons of WFP food are prepared and distributed in the 160 selected schools.
  • General Food Distribution and Food For Asset
  • At least 15,000 vulnerable households are identified and assisted with food, including 5,000 in Paoua and 10,000 in Markounda;
  • At least 1,000 households of which 500 in Paoua and 5,000 in Markounda are identified and involved in vegetable growing activities with the FFA, of which at least 80% are women;
  • 5 ha of community vegetable gardens are established;
  • 823,500 tons of WFP food are distributed to 15,000 vulnerable people for 6 months;
  • At least 1,000 households receive seeds and are supervised by the FFA and replenish their assets and 80% of women are financially self-sufficient.
  • Managing moderate malnutrition
  • Nutrition: BSF 6-23 months, 1500 children including 500 in Paoua and 1000 in Markounda
  • Nutrition TSF: 1,500 moderately malnourished children including 400 in Paoua, 150 in Markounda, 440 in Bocaranga, 410 in Ngaoundaye and 100 in Koui.
  • 1,500 cases are screened, referred and treated in the targeted health structures;
  • 40,500 tons of super cereal +++ are distributed to healthy children from 6 to 23 months during 6 months of the project;
  • 12,420 tons of plumpy-sup are distributed in 32 health facilities;
In 2015, IEDA Relief and the UNHCR granted 219 income-generating activities to refugees from Central African Republic living in the refugee sites of Cameroon. This is their story.



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