Niger is a large country facing multiple natural, economic and humanitarian challenges.

In response to the humanitarian crisis in the Diffa region, IEDA Relief is implementing, in partnership with WFP, a project called «Monitoring by third party of the operations of WFP in Diffa”

 The project began on October 1st and ends in December 31st 2017. It consists of closely monitoring food assistance activities with a view to contributing to respect for human dignity and reducing the risk of conflict

 In other words, it consists of:

  • Systematic monitoring of food and nutrition storage mechanisms provided by WFP (receiving and storing food and consolidating data after distributions);
  • Monitoring the implementation of PRRO and EMOP project activities at the sites;
  • Monitoring food distribution activities, cash and vouchers in all its aspects (protection, gender, accountability, information to beneficiaries on distributions, management of complaints, exchanges with local authorities, implementation of security aspects of distribution sites, etc.);
  • Evaluate the conformity of the food basket with WFP's expectations from beneficiaries.
  • Verify the conformity of the distribution process according to the schedule submitted by the distribution partners;
  • Produce a monthly report to the WFP’s Diffa Sub-Office on partner activities related to the issues identified.

 The project plans to reach 62 school canteens, 12 CRENAM and 18 Targeted Free Distribution sites (DGC) in the municipalities of Bosso, Kabléwa, N' gourti, N' guigmi and Toumour.

In the long term, the project should lead to an improvement in the quality of distribution, secure distribution sites and ensure that the data between the quantities delivered by logistics and those received by distribution partners in areas with limited or difficult access are consistent.

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