With a focus on community, we naturally build strong local ties, especially with delivery of health activities and small-scale infrastructure. Communities value these fundamental life lines and automatic trust is built.

Our engagement process from Day One gives us an immediate footing to be able to understand and listen to communities – what they need, what they do not want, and what impacts them. We have become known for this approach which helps to widen our network.

The networks give us access. When others do not have the ability to gain entrance into a community, we have the access. Because we base our network relationships on trust, our community partners look to us to support them to build resilience and stabilization and deliver relief when problems arise.

We work with the community at large – the vulnerable, marginalized, and minority. These are often the individuals most in need of support but have the fewest resources to access it. We immediately seek out these individuals and groups and make it clear to community leaders and representatives that we work for them equally.

And our networks do not exclude other community members – the disenfranchised and the negative influencers. Being able to access them to understand their issues and needs is directly linked to the underlying causes of poverty and conflict. While we do not work with individuals or entities that are listed, or are not supported by the communities, we do understand their perspective to understand their impact.

CVE: Engaging Negative Influencers to Provide Clean Water

In Kidal, Mali, the reality on the ground is that you cannot gain access to some key areas if you do not address negative influencers and actors in communities. Due to the security situation, no NGOs operated in Kidal despite significant basic needs.

We believed we could change that. But it required engaging these actors from the start. With our planning, experience, and approach, we listened to their grievances and shared the independent nature of our mission. Through engagement, we found a way to gain access to support communities with clean water. Our project not only operated without incident, but we were able to motivate peaceful reintegration with community-based CVE.

Globally, volunteers and interns (many of which are locally recruited) play a vital role in IEDA Relief’s programs and operations. Volunteers and interns from diverse backgrounds dedicate their time and skills to work directly with program beneficiaries, develop IEDA Relief’s organizational capacities, help with IEDA Relief events and fundraisers, and take part in emergency response missions in the critical days and months following a conflict or natural disaster.

IEDA Relief actively recruits volunteers and interns for specific postings (see below), and also accepts applications on a rolling basis. Prospective interns must be currently enrolled in or recent graduates of an undergraduate or graduate educational institution; internships are generally unpaid unless special arrangements are made with your academic institution.

View the opportunities posted below for specific internships and volunteer openings.

Depending on the needs of the office and an individual’s level of experience, examples of volunteer/intern duties include:
  • Short- and long-term program assistance to educate, mentor, and otherwise provide support to refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and other vulnerable populations of all ages
  • Assisting IEDA Relief staff with program data entry, monitoring and evaluation, reporting/translation and website updates
  • Assisting with IEDA Relief events, (social) media campaigns, and fundraisers
  • Conducting research and producing proposals regarding potential new IEDA Relief programs and/or solutions to help meet organizational objectives
  • Providing specific skills and/or expertise in finance, marketing and media, HR, emergency management, IT, or other areas of specialization to add to IEDA Relief’s programs and organizational capabilities

If you are interested in becoming an IEDA Relief volunteer or intern, please email your completed Volunteer/Intern Application Form and a copy of your resume/CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note only applicants that state their availability will be considered. In the subject line of your email, specify:

    • The type of opportunity for which you are applying (volunteer/internship)
    • The specific posting to which you are responding (if applicable)
    • The desired location (e.g. Houston, TX)

Current opportunities

  • Volunteer Manager – Houston, TX
  • ESL, Citizenship and/or Computer Literacy Volunteers – Houston, TX
  • Spring/Summer Internships (applications are accepted on a rolling basis)

Become an IEDA Relief Ambassador
If you would like to start an on-campus club to help support IEDA Relief or if you do not live near an IEDA Relief office but would still like to be involved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.g for how to be an IEDA Relief Ambassador.

Computer Literacy

IEDA Relief seeks Volunteer Tutors for Computer literacy who will provide instruction between 2 and 4 hours a week. IEDA Relief’s Computer literacy program is designed to provide computer literacy instruction to refugees, asylum seekers, new immigrants and other Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations in order to enhance their abilities to become self-sufficient and employable. IEDA Relief develops and offers its literacy programs in partnership with the Houston Center for Literacy (HCL), Literacy Advance and other adult literacy agencies. Computer Literacy Volunteer Instructor



1. Blanket supplementary Feeding (BSFP):

  • The objective is to contribute to the improvement of nutritional status of boys and girls between 6 and 59-month-old in the Far North region, specifically in the Logone et Charie Departement.
  • The project targets Nigerian refugees as well as IDPs. So far, around 93.460 boy and girls between 6 and 59-month-old have benefited from the partnership WFP –IEDA Relief.
  • We do this by (1) distributing the super cereal +++ and following up treatments for severely malnourished young children through reference to health centers.
  • The project wants to:
    • Prevent severe malnutrition among girls and boys between 6-23 month
    • Organize treatment for moderate malnutrition for girls and boys between 6-59 months
    • Promote, strengthen and support complementary activities that are related to nutrition within the communities
    • Build the capacity of community workers (men and women) who are actually the link between beneficiaries and service providers in prevention and treatment interventions. This includes giving them the ability to mobilize community members, including men, on childhood nutrition and protection and to evaluate activities
  • This action wants to ensure that:
    • Girls and boys from 6 to 59 month receive the full pack of the supplementary feeding on regular basis
    • The nutritional status of girls and boys from 6 to 59 month is monitored every month
    • And All the complementary community services that are related to nutrition for young infants are guaranteed in favor for girls and boys from 6 to 59

2. General food distribution (GFD)

  • The objective is to improve the food security and population living conditions in the in the Logone et Charie Department in the far North of Cameroun.
  • This project targets IDPs and local vulnerable population. Around 300,000 people have been supported by the partnership between WFP and IEDA since 2015
  • Food distributed is majorly cereals including rice, sorgum and maize, milet flour and cooking oil.
  • IEDA Relief has built a great capacity of community and leader sensitization to have community ownership and involvement from all the stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  • IEDA distributes and works closely with the community leaders to follow through complains and ensure accountability. For this, IEDA has set up the food distribution community and the complaints community to ensure that the food goes to the vulnerable people in a transparent way.

These two projects have helped IEDA-WFP strengthen their partnership and consolidate their operational ties through joint monitoring actions

United States Offices

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Founder, President & CEO
Houston, TX
Read more about Phil


Director of Operations

Houston, TX

Timothy Mukule

Marketing and Media Associate
Houston, TX


International Offices 


Address: Rue des Hirondelles, 1

1000 Bruxelles / BELGIQUE

Tel:  +32(0) 497 15 92 98

GSM: +32(0) 439 40 59 99

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Address: 05 BP 6402 Ouaga 05, Boulevard Muammar Kadhafi, secteur 53, Section PLot 17, Parcelle No 6 Ouaga2000,


Tel: +226 25374622/ 65584909

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CAR (Central African Republic) OFFICE

Address: Av. Barthélemy BOGANDA, Quartier SICA III, 3ème Arrondissement
Bangui, Centrafrique , BP 1774 Bangui

Tel: +236 72510065 

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Address: BP 7694 Yaoundé, 
Bastos, Derrière Laboratoire Meka

Tel: +237 682315370

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Address: The Penthouse Suite, Coscharis Plaza, 4th Floor, 6, Faskari Street, Area 3, ABUJA

Tel: +234 803 316 0687 / +234 909 132 0060

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Address: Avenue Mawazo No 16, Quartier Basoko/GB, Commune de Ngaliema, Ville de Kinshasa, RDC

Tel: +243 820 009 904 / 995614803 


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Address: Quartier Koubia/Route Tillabérie,
Parcelle N° F de l'Ilot 8099 Commune I,Ville de Niamey

Tel: +227 94702963

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Mali Office


Address: BP 3113 Bamako, Hamdallay, ACI 2000, 5eme Arrondissement


Tel:  +223 74613901/ 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In response to the humanitarian crisis in the Diffa region, IEDA Relief is implementing, in partnership with WFP, a project called «Monitoring by third party of the operations of WFP in Diffa”

 The project began on October 1st and ends in December 31st 2017. It consists of closely monitoring food assistance activities with a view to contributing to respect for human dignity and reducing the risk of conflict

 In other words, it consists of:

  • Systematic monitoring of food and nutrition storage mechanisms provided by WFP (receiving and storing food and consolidating data after distributions);
  • Monitoring the implementation of PRRO and EMOP project activities at the sites;
  • Monitoring food distribution activities, cash and vouchers in all its aspects (protection, gender, accountability, information to beneficiaries on distributions, management of complaints, exchanges with local authorities, implementation of security aspects of distribution sites, etc.);
  • Evaluate the conformity of the food basket with WFP's expectations from beneficiaries.
  • Verify the conformity of the distribution process according to the schedule submitted by the distribution partners;
  • Produce a monthly report to the WFP’s Diffa Sub-Office on partner activities related to the issues identified.

 The project plans to reach 62 school canteens, 12 CRENAM and 18 Targeted Free Distribution sites (DGC) in the municipalities of Bosso, Kabléwa, N' gourti, N' guigmi and Toumour.

In the long term, the project should lead to an improvement in the quality of distribution, secure distribution sites and ensure that the data between the quantities delivered by logistics and those received by distribution partners in areas with limited or difficult access are consistent.

Contact Us

IEDA Relief Global Headquarters

10103 Fondren Rd. Suite 435
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Since 2008, we have been working in areas affected by conflict, disaster or poverty to help communities become self-reliant through behavior change policies that are culturally acceptable and activities that take into account existing efforts and good practices.

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