We have invested significant time, funds, and resource into our program footprint. We recognize that same goes for partnerships.

Our time is now.

We want to be a part of your “Go To” team to make delivery happen. Let us start with a pilot, or let us share with you – we can provide office space, entry into a community, solution design, supply chain access, staff, and other resources. Though we are a well-established local partner for the United Nations and their international relief agencies, do not yet have the name recognition with USAID and other major assistance efforts. We want to learn
from you.

We expect that you want to see us as a partner that knows how to keep costs down, to see your dollar go far. We make it a priority to ensure you get what you expect from IEDA Relief – assurance of quality, timely, cost-efficient delivery that makes sense for a community to thrive.

With our ability to go where others cannot go, our local networks, and our service delivery, we can complement your existing programs and your business pursuits to be a team member that is your “Go To.”

Community networking and engagement
Capacity building and training
Supply chains
Women & youth
Skills and VOTEC
Food security and livelihoods

Health services 


United Nations
Government of Philippines
U.S. State Department
Major INGOs


Our direct implementation approach is management-intensive, but it works. We understand that it requires up-front costs that over a period of time, generate a return on the investment. With this, we ensure a low-cost, simple, achievable approach that makes sense. Our technical skill and thinking and understanding of the local situation – are part of our risk management and project processes that supports our management.

We keep operations’ costs down which just makes business sense. And that means we are realistic about our costs. Because we have local resources – staff, materials, and supply chain – to the extent possible – we reduce the “middle man,” a heavy security apparatus, and rework. We are able to do things right the first time because we have the right people and the right resources working together to deliver which ultimately creates cost savings. While this sometimes takes additional time, our tested and replicable community-based model allows us to work quickly, especially in new and complex areas to respond.

We offer project management services in key sectors throughout West Africa and have experience in Asia and Latin America. We value solid project management with processes and systems that guide us throughout the project lifecycle.

And, we are investing more of our own resources into making our processes and systems better so that we can be an even better partner.

We are carrying over this investment to our monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) services. With sound project management and delivery, we are focusing on MEL as a fundamental component to achieving program goals and learning. And, we understand we are all making an investment. That investment has to be nurtured. Systems and MEL are pillars to supporting that. We look forward to our donor/client feedback and interest in this expansion of this focus. In Liberia, we conducted extensive MEL on the application and impact of skills learned by 660 heads of households. We c collected data on the development of their small businesses and level of access to markets. We learned how to improve programming to improve market access.

We actually know communities – we do not just say it, we practice it. We are working intimately with communities from Day One. For us, it does not make sense to work in communities without understanding them – their people, social structures, cultural practices, and interactions. When the situation calls, we work quickly so that we do not lose time further down the road when problems arise.

And we learn from them. We learn what they need, what drives them, what influences them, and what works for them to make things better.

We build trust. Fundamental in any community anywhere in the world – we value humans and what each person brings to their community.

We help build meaningful community ownership to ensure our projects are responsive and generate a positive impact that lasts. This requires a quality approach and quality delivery to ensure that the community trust that has been built is able to sustain and communities feel their needs are being addressed for the long term.

We incorporate sustainability at the start – this is fundamental to the way we do business. The way we engage, design, and implement an intervention is framed with sustainability in mind.

Our Operational Footprint

Current Previous Pending Registration Horizon
Burkina Faso Nigeria Haiti Burundi Afghanistan Somalia
Cameroon Niger Ivory coast Chad Irag South Sudan
CAR Belgium Liberia Kenya Jordan U.K.
DRC U.S. Philippines Uganda    
Mali   Senegal      

We are in places where no other organization or few organizations operate. This matters not only for delivering assistance, but for learning what is going on in these places – who is in charge, what assistance resonates with needs, what dynamics are at play, and what does not work. Communities are at the center of our learning.

Whether first on the ground to remote parts of Haiti after the 2008 earthquake, to regions in the Philippines impacted by natural disasters and extremism, to conflict areas in western Africa, our approach allows us to test and act to learn and gain entry into communities that need assistance most. Our operations have built community resilience to impacts and supported a sense of normalcy at critical periods.

In the Philippines, we learned quickly that addressing immediate needs was insufficient. We had to understand the impacts within the social context – the concerns of women and families, in particular, to help match assistance to longer-term concerns. We worked with the government’s social welfare department to pilot livelihood skills in shelter program which simultaneously provided an immediate benefit, while building useful skills. We also partnered with the private sector, telecoms to incorporate a longer-term partner that could also employ trained persons.

We have been deliberate about our office structure so that it allows us to be in the middle of communities and have a presence without being just a shop front. We involve local community members and organizations to be part of the project – supply chain, implementation, service provider, information source, and other resources. This spreads the accountability for project delivery and builds a sense of belonging and local ownership that fosters sustainability. And people get to use and develop the skills they have learned through capacity building – it provides an opportunity to share with and learn from one another.

We have helped communities, civil society, local authorities, and the private sector see the value in coming together and working in concert to guide assistance efforts and to be part of the solution. Working side-by-side is powerful when it is genuine and well-managed.

IEDA Relief is an emerging organization committed to taking the most effective, flexible, and innovative approaches to humanitarian and development work. We believe working together can help us to achieve better results, and we welcome ‘win-win-win’ ideas that positively impact you or your organization, increase IEDA Relief’s organizational capacity and, most importantly, help to achieve optimal results for people in need. There are plenty of opportunities for collaboration between IEDA Relief and individuals, corporations, government bodies, academic institutions and other organizations.


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IEDA Relief is an international organization that works to establish a stable environment and implements sustainable solutions that help people in need to become self-sufficient.

Since 2008, we have been working in areas affected by conflict, disaster or poverty to help communities become self-reliant through behavior change policies that are culturally acceptable and activities that take into account existing efforts and good practices.

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